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KD McAlly Group

KD McAlly Group a leader in Customer Success, CLG, ARR, NRR, CSM, GTM, go-to-market, revenue growth, voice fo the customer, operations and customer delight

Rethinking customer success
to unleash revenue growth

Acknowledge, be present, and grow in times of uncertainty.

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what we do

KD McAlly is an enabler for revenue growth engines

Sales Operations

Our methodology will enable your sales function to be highly collaborative fully enabled and scaleable based on expectations.

Customer Success

Growth and Retention account for 40% of the potential of a Success function. Let us show you what Success means to product & service improvement and GTM

Go to Market

Born out of SaaS software development, we’ve developed frameworks to enable an agile content release approach so you can be more hyper-reactive to market expectation


Thought Leadership in Customer Success

Customer Led Growth | Hype or Necessity?

Just another new process? What does CLG mean to existing SLG, PLG, and MLG organizations? The voice-of-customer now has a place to call home.

How Changing Your CS Comp Plan Benefits Everyone

Comp plans aren’t always easy. CS is even more challenging, but there is a way as companies seek to pursue performance-based from legacy plans.

CS Growth & Fractional Leadership | an in-depth podcast with Baton

Times could not be more exciting as “companies are looking for ideas to continue their revenue path, and existing business is where it’s at right now…”

OUR Framework

Business is Simple Math

Your product is complex. Your customers and marketplace are complicated. Let’s not overcomplicate your business.


Cut Costs by Eliminating Headcount

“I take full responsibility for the decisions (of layoffs) that led us here.” Google CEO Sundar Pichai Jan 2023

…or…Increase Revenue

We don’t mean sales. Their plate is already full. We mean growing the web of your already existing success through existing business and the people they know and collaborate with.

Cut headcount or grow existing revenue, what’s your new move?

Who We are

We’re advisors, leaders, and consultants focused on your business improvement.

Revenue Growth

Creating more Revenue for your business sits at the heart of Customer Success. We have strategies that can enable you to do more.

Customer & Revenue Retention

Whether considering the improvement in customer retention strategies or NRR, we’ll help achieve your needed outcome.

Sales & Customer Enablement

Success teams see and hear it all, and can enable outbound sales, marketing, and leadership on what customers want.

Scale Customer Success

Compensation, new hire triggering, and promotions can be complex. We’ve enabled both product and services organizations to achieve this with RoI

CS Operations

Processes and Frameworks are at the heart of a successful CS function. We can help document and Iterate your process to improve continuously

Insights, Risks, Metrics

Data drives decisions. We can help you build risk assessments, track customer insights, and ensure team performance through real-time monitoring.

Voice of the Customer (VoC)

VoC is one of your most powerful tools. Achieve Customer Led Growth for both Go-To-Market and the SDLC for Continuous Product improvement.

Account Management Strategies

We can provide industry best practices to aid in your account strategies whether it be multi-threading, touchpoint cadence, or QBRs.

Customer Delight

Are your customers delighted to be doing business with you? If not, we’ll ensure they do. Happy customers bring future growth.

KD McAlly Customer Success Serving You

For as little as $5k/mo we can Fuel your CS Function

We get it. Times are uncertain, but business must continue, and growth must happen! Companies are getting creative to get the enablement & leadership they need. KD McAlly can help make that happen!

Our robust, yet flexible engagement business model enables us to consult on a • Project Basis • as a Fractional Leader working alongside your team • or as an Interim Leader to prepare the path for your long-term organizational plan.



Cost 5x to Acquire a New Customer vs Retain an Existing One



Engaged customers are 23% more likely to spend more with a business than non-engaged customers



Customers who have had a positive customer experience are 3-5 times more likely to refer a friend or colleague to a business

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